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Shop Quality Sofa in Surulere Lagos. Here at Sojionet Furniture, we want you to buy with the utmost confidence and knowledge that you are investing in something that not only looks great, but will last for a lifetime. Here is a guide to key features that make up a quality sofa and why they are important.

Frame material:

Any quality sofa needs a well-made frame that will allow it to maintain its overall shape and integrity. The frame is the skeleton that keeps every part of the sofa together, and for that reason it is incredibly important that it is strong and robust — able to stand up to everyday use without compromising on comfort.

Cushion filling

The cushions will provide you with the support you need to relax, as well as giving your sofa form and volume. The intended feel and look of a sofa will determine which cushion filling is used. The most commonly used are foam, feather, and polyester fibre — each have their own properties and will add different qualities. There are also instances where two or all three of these filling materials will be used to achieve the desired result.


Foam is formed by mixing an assortment of chemicals that cure and then rise into a large block shape, like an oversized sponge cake. The greatest advantage of this material is that it provides a soft feel while having an inherent pliability, which allows its shape to recover after someone sits on the furniture.

The stiffness or softness of the materials used, and the amount of air bubbles formed during the curing process, determines both the overall feel and the density of the resulting foam. The more material and less air there is in foam, the greater its density. As a result, the opposite is also true. Generally speaking, the higher the density, the more expensive and better quality the foam.

At Sojionet, you can rest assured we only use the best-quality foam in our furniture. This is an area that some companies skimp on in an effort to reduce costs, but when cheaper material collapses under use you will be left with a poorer performing sofa.


Once all of the superior aspects of a quality sofa’s interior have been assembled, it is time to consider the material in which it will be upholstered. This is another key part of putting together a first-rate piece of furniture, as whatever is chosen for the upholstery will also have an effect on the comfort, feel, and look of the sofa.

A quality sofa will make use of premium materials to create a piece of furniture that you will be proud to call your own.

There are many types of materials that make great upholstery choices for sofas, including a wide range of leathers and fabrics. Each type of upholstery will have its own look, as well as practical advantages and disadvantages, so it is important that you choose one that suits your home’s décor and living situation. When the time comes to make a decision, it is worth taking a look at our guide to leather sofas and guide to fabric sofas, which will help you to make an informed choice.

If you are looking for quality furniture, take a look at our sofas, chairs, corner sofas, sofa beds, and footstools, all of which are produced by our experienced team in our workshop. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our furniture or the process we go through when building them.

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