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Office Chair

We live in a world where we are exposed to a lot of active sitting. Either in our homes or long hours at our work places, we have spent massive amounts of time of our active life sitting.. Most of us tend to not consider the aspect of good seating practices when performing our daily tasks. We assume that it is not important, but that’s not true.

Use correct office chair. Poor seating practices can have immediate negative impact on the body. At first it can exert pressure on your spine causing pain in the structures of your backbone. It can lead to lack of good blood flow in your body leading to diseases like deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and complications like cervical spondylosis.


  1. It supports your posture giving you a neck and a back rest, reducing the risks of having a stiff neck and shoulders. It’s advisable that one adjust to a 90 degrees angle parallel to his or her hips to reduce constrains of the spine.
  2. Reduces pressure on your hips. While sitting your hips need to be relaxed so as to perform thier primary duty of making you sit up straight. A good office chair should offer you a relaxed placement of your hips giving you comfort to perform your duties well as a worker.
  3. Good Office Chair reduces your back pain. The support offered gives your backbone a stainless encounter while sitting. This in result reduces the risk of having back pains that can be very painful. Ergonomic chair in Lagos Nigeria is a special type of office seating that reduces neck and back pain during a long hours of work at the office desk or at home.
  4. Modern and quality office chair reduces neck problems. Support to your neck prevents one from gaining stiff neck and shoulders. Such stiffness can lead to complications like cervical spondylosis.
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