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Tips on Buying Settee Sofa

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Here are wonderful Tips on Buying Settee Sofa in Lagos Nigeria

Tips on Buying Settee Sofa in Lagos Nigeria

Tips on Buying Settee Sofa in Lagos Nigeria

Buying a sofa can be a big investment, both in terms of money and the amount of time you will spend using it. It’s important to choose a sofa that not only fits your style and decor but also meets your needs in terms of comfort and durability. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect sofa:

  1. Consider the size and layout of your space: Before you start shopping for a sofa, measure the area where you plan to place it. Make sure to leave enough space around the sofa for people to walk comfortably. If you have a small living room, consider a sectional or a loveseat instead of a full-size sofa.
  2. Think about your style: Your sofa is a reflection of your personal style, so choose a design that fits your taste. Decide if you want a traditional, modern, or transitional look, and choose a color and fabric that complements your decor.
  3. Test for comfort: The most important factor when choosing a sofa is comfort. Sit on the sofa in the store to get a feel for how it supports your body. Pay attention to the seat depth, back support, and cushion firmness. If you plan to use your sofa for napping or lounging, choose one with a deeper seat and soft cushions.
  4. Check for durability: A sofa is a big investment, so you want it to last for many years. Look for a sofa with a sturdy frame made of solid wood or metal. The cushions should be high-density foam or down-filled, and the fabric should be durable and easy to clean.
  5. Consider your lifestyle: If you have children or pets, choose a sofa with a stain-resistant fabric or a leather sofa that can be easily wiped clean. If you entertain frequently, choose a sofa with a removable slipcover that can be cleaned or changed out easily.
  6. Don’t forget about delivery: Make sure you measure your doorways and hallways to ensure that the sofa can be delivered to your home without any issues. Check with the store to see if they offer delivery and assembly services, and factor in any additional costs when budgeting for your sofa.

By following these tips, you can find the perfect sofa that will meet your needs for comfort, durability, and style.

Selecting The Right Sofa

1. Check the Frame

The frame should not wobble or creak, it should be sturdy and sit squarely on the floor. Wobbly or creaky frames mean less sturdy joints, while a strong frame means your sofa will last you longer.

Tip: To test frame strength, lift one front corner or leg of the sofa off the floor. By the time you’ve raised it six inches, the other front leg should have risen too. If it’s still touching the floor, the frame has too much give; it’s weak.

2. Correctly Arranged Springs

Feel the springs through the upholstery — they should be close together and firm. Settee with no springs, just webbing or mesh, are uncomfortable and flimsy.

3. Feel Your Fillings

Seat cushions should be firm and resilient and fit snugly within the sofa frame. Additionally, the cushions should regain their shape after you press down and let go. A cushion that stays put when you press down will be flattened in no time

Tip: Two good options that are comfortable and reasonably priced: HR foam in a layer of down and conventional foam wrapped in polyester batting.

4. Think About the Long Term

Since settees are such a big investment, you’ll want yours to stay in fashion as long as possible. Given that, it’s often best to stick with a neutral fabric. You can always add color and pattern with throw pillows. Plus, pillows are easy and inexpensive to change if you decide to redecorate.

5. Upholstery fabrics

Fabric settee present you with a bigger range of colour options. They usually come in a fibre mix for strength and texture. This is one of the coolest Tips on Buying Settee Sofa in Lagos Nigeria

6. Leather upholstery

Leather settees are easy to look after – remove dust with a slightly damp cloth. Just like fabric, leather’s not immune to the fading effects of sunlight so keep at least 30cm away from direct heat sources to prevent it drying out.


7. Bed Sofa

Sofa beds are a flexible piece of furniture that allow use as a settee by day and sleeping space by night. There are many forms and shapes of a sofa bed depending on the mechanism type.

8. Number of Seaters

A three seater settee is a good option as it can accommodate a growing family. A two seater settee is good where there is limitation in space. One large furniture piece also looks much better in a small room than a few small pieces

Tip: Ask the store for a piece of fabric larger than the usual swatch. Place it where the settee will go. View it in natural and artificial light — and see how much you still like it after a few days.

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